We own in Ghana over 1000 hectare of forest with seven different types of trees and export worldwide.

Description of the tree categories as well as the pricing information is structured as follows.

Type Weight Uses Price / 20' hc container ($) Price / m3 ($) Tons / 20hc Tons / 40hc Kondition
POTRODOM-Erylhrophleum Very heavy 900kg/m3 at 12-15% moisture content Heavy construction, sea defence, sleepers, bridges, piling, industrial floors. 7.500,00 201,16 33,56 68,45 FOB Price
SAPELEWOOD-SAPELLI Medium/heavy 650kg/m3 at 12-15% moisture content Good quality furniture, loinery, cabinet work, doors, fitments, frames, boat construction, sliced veneer, rotary veneer, plywood, blockboard, carvings, turnery   0,00 24,23 49,44 FOB Price
ODUM-Milicia excelsa Medium/heavy 650kg/m3 at 12-15% moisture content Exterior and interior ioinery, cabinet work, garden furniture, looring, work tops, window frames, vats, boat work, decking 4.775,00 128,07 24,23 49,44 FOB Price
PAPAO-Afzelia Heavy 825kg/m3 at 12-15% moisture content High quality exterior and interior ioinery, heavy construction, flooring, chemical vats, selected furnituie, handles, cycle track decking, boat work, vehicle bodies, doors 7.500,00 201,16 30,76 62,75 FOB Price
TEAK- Tectona grandis Medium/heavy 650kg/m3 at 12-15% moisture content Highest quality exterior and interior ioinery, window and door frames, flooring, cabinet work, garden furniture, decking, boat building, sliced decorative veneer 8.320,00 223,15 24,23 49,44 FOB Price
CEIBA- ONYINA Light 300kg/m3 at 12-15% moisture content Core veneers for plywood and blockboard, mouldings, food containers, boxes 5.730,00 153,68 11,19 22,82 FOB Price
African ROOSEWOOD   Guitar, chess pieces, furniture, arms, luxury floors 8.320,00 223,15     FOB Price